New updates in this release


New updates in this release

16 July

Create a new requirement from within a process diagram (Free plan)

You are in a diagram and want to create a requirement and link it to an activity step. Now you can – in one (right mouse) click.

Control which diagrams in a map that a user can edit (Pro plan)

Now you can control edit rights at a diagram level, rather than at a map level. Perfect, as you map covers a wider scope of the company and you want to delegate edit rights to different people.

URL library updates

Bulk load links to URL Link Library from CSV: You have a list of the URLs you use as attachments – Salesforce screens, documents & training videos in Now you can load them into the URL Library from a CSV.

URL Link Library reporting: How many times is a URL link connected to an activity, requirement or ref model item? It is ever used?

16 June

User Groups (Pro plan)

Create User Groups which are then used to set Attachment Access Rights.  Examples of user groups: SalesforceAdmins,  IT-Team,  APAC Operations, Sales Operations, Contractors.

Attachment Access Rights (Pro plan)

You could have 30 attachments on a Requirement, Process activity box or Ref Model node.  But in some cases you don’t want everyone to see every one.  Some attachments are user-centric, others related to Ref Models for administrators and then some are IT development related.  Or maybe you have different attachments that have local procedures by division or country office.

Now you control who sees the attachments based on User Groups. This works for all Attachment Types – Note, URL, Data Table, Image and Ref Model Node.

URL Library (Pro plan)

It allows you to define a link once in your Space, and reuse the link in multiple places. Also, if a URL changes, or you want to update a title, tags or other information, you can do so in one place, and all links and references to the URL  are instantly updated.

@mention in comment threads on Requirements, Maps and Ref Models (FREE plan)

If they are a member of Space and have access to the thing you are commenting on (Requirement, Map or Ref Model), you can @mention them in the comment stream and they will be notified of the discussion in the notification icon in the top bar and via email.

13th May 2017

Capture and manage Business Requirements (FREE plan)

We created a new app to allow you to manage your requirements.  It all starts with business requirements.  But there should be better way than dumping them into a spreadsheet or a monster textual document.  Requirements need to be managed, prioritized, actioned and tracked. They need supporting information. They need collaboration

  • Anyone can Raise a requirement and then Submit it
  • A requirement has a number of standard fields, but can also can have notes, links
  • A requirement can have tags . e.g. LEX . Summer17 . Release2.0  so you can filter
  • Anyone can comment / collaborate on a requirement and comment threads can be resolved
  • Only Business Requirements Managers can manage the status / lifecycle of a Submitted requirement

Versioning & Release Management of maps (PRO plan)

If you are in a regulated industry, driving large scale business change or have a complex Salesforce implementation with multiple Sandboxes – this is the functionality you have all been waiting for.

  • Apply sophisticated version control and sign-off for Maps and Diagrams
  • Create a Release and decide which versions of a diagram are tied to the Release
  • Push a diagram through draft, ready for release & publish Release.
  • Each time the diagram moves to the next version and the older version is archived.
  • You can quickly compare different versions of a diagram; Draft, Ready for Release, Published, Archived

Collaboration when documenting your Org (PRO plan)

  • There are comments on every Ref Model item / node so you can collaborate on the documentation of your Salesforce Org.
  • You can resolve a thread, so only the open threads are visible.

Resolve and close comment threads (FREE plan)

  • There are comments on Business Requirements & Diagrams.
  • Now you can resolve a thread, so only the open threads are visible.

Where are Data Tables and Resources menus? (FREE plan)

  • We have moved them to the Space Management app as creating and editing them is for Admins and it simplifies the left menu of the main app

7th April 2017

General UI changes (FREE plan)

  • Which Space am I in? Now the Space name is in the very top blue bar. You can click on it to access the Space Management app to manage users, upgrade to Pro, set up the Salesforce Integration and add themes
  • Some difficult-to-identify icons in the top bar (yeah, we admit it) have been changed to really obvious labeled buttons at the top of the right panel
  • You can filter long lists. Just start typing in the filter bar above any list

Mapping (FREE plan)

  • Accelerate your mapping with drag-and-drop Resources between activities. Just drag to move, Ctrl-drag to copy a Resource into another activity box (I can hear the cheering from here in San Francisco)
  • Change the look and feel of your diagrams with Line Styles (this is big!). Just click on a line and you’ll see in the right panel a range of line styles (straight, curved, dotted) AND arrow / end of line styles. This means you can draw org charts and ERDs (Entity Relationship Diagrams)

Salesforce Integration (FREE plan)

  • Use Elements and never leave Salesforce. The complete Elements app runs in its own tab.  Of course you’ll need to install the latest Elements Salesforce Integration package and you’ll need to add the Elements Tab to your Apps; eg Sales, Service Console.
  • Download the Installation Guide which has links to install the managed package here

Config Manager / Ref model (PRO plan)

  • Free text search now on any node/item – located top right
  • Schedule a daily sync of your Salesforce data into the Elements Ref Model. Set this up in the Space Management App: Integration Tab (left). Now you will always have the most up-to-date Salesforce configuration data inside the Elements Reference Model
  • The unique Diagram ID is needed to display specific diagrams in the Elements Map shortcuts tab or inside Salesforce objects. The ID is now shown in the right panel of each diagram

6th March 2017

Diagram editor improvements (PRO plan)

  • Themes: Set up a theme with standard colors and styles for each object. Then apply the theme to a diagram or a diagram and lower levels.
  • Images on diagrams: You can drag images or logos onto a diagram
    Image attachment: A new image attachment type so you can add screenshots or other images to an activity box.

Diagram editor improvements (FREE plan)

  • Default activity boxes and lines colors and line width
  • Left panel on Edit has hint text and we have added a menu item to add Images for Pro Spaces
  • Improved off-page connector: When you create a new connector it is put it into the paste buffer so it can be used straight away. When you select a connector the new diagram doesn’t center on the connector when it opens. When you are in Edit mode and select a connector it stays in Edit mode.
  • Toggle stickies on/off. The icon is on the right of the toolbar next to the new comments icon.
  • Import Drilldown window is now wider, has a filter, and a switch to toggle on/off deleted maps.

Partner Portal

  • There is a new partner portal so Partner Reps can log in and see activity from clients they have introduced and track commissions.

Salesforce Config Mgr / Ref Model (PRO plan)

Make it easier to understand and document a Salesforce Configuration in 3 simple steps:

  1. Install the free Elements Integration with Salesforce package & connect your Salesforce Org with a Pro Elements Space.
  2. Create an Elements Ref Model that automatically syncs Salesforce Configuration data.
  3. Add notes, URL links and images to any item in the Ref Model. Plus, add links to activity boxes.

10th January 2017

Partner ID added to user profile and Space to enable tracking of referrals

27th December 2016

Change routing between apps to make it easier to navigate

20th December 2016

Diagramming changes

  • When you switch to EDIT mode, you stay in edit mode when navigating around the diagrams in a map
  • Line direction can be reversed from the right mouse click
  • The title of a child diagram matches the text in the activity box, even when the activity box text is updated
  • Off page connectors ad Terminators have  a right panel for more information
  • Add Paste Style to the right mouse click forActivity, Flow line and Text items

Integration with Salesforce

  • A Space can be disconnected from a Salesforce Org

6th December 2016

Pro launched which has had major impact around Operational Knowledge.

  • New Space Management app: A separate app to managed Spaces; Users (moved from main app), Billing for Pro & Integration
  • Pro Spaces; a Pro Space has additional functionality.  In this release; images on diagrams, smart-renumbering, free text search, Reference Models, attachments to Ref Model node, Ref Model reporting.
  • Public Spaces; a Pro Space can be a Public

Integration with Salesforce product enhanced with Pro.

  • Salesforce Config Manager; sync Salesforce configuration items to Elements Reference Model.

30th September 2016

We are now – this is reflected throughout the product and supporting sites.

Spaces The concept of ‘Teams’ has been renamed to Spaces. There are different Spaces for organizing creation and sharing of content and communication in different contexts. You now have 3 Spaces: Your Personal Space, Team Spaces and Public Spaces

Public Space This new area delivers powerful capability to share Process knowledge with a wide audience on a self-serve basis. An Elements user can select a Public team and join. Within Public Spaces, Map content can be set be visible or not, and you can determine whether people are allowed to copy the Map into a Space they are a member of – or not. This has applications for collaborating, sharing and distributing useful content, (hence the first couple of Public Spaces include Salesforce #AwesomeAdmins and APQC with their industry standard Process Content Templates. specifics  We have added several new capabilities including the ability to edit (you can already view), content from within Salesforce (both classic and Lightning). Also auto-membership of Salesforce related Public Spaces on registration with a specific URL (see #AwesomeAdmin page for more details.

Auto copy of tagged Maps to Users Personal Space on registration This is capability that Elements can provide, not user driven, but we now have the ability to copy specific Maps into a user’s Personal Space on registration. In the first instance this will allow us to provide a Tutorial constructed as a Map to all new Users on registration. Later we will add useful content and templates as appropriate.

Support for Mobile devices We have made some improvements to allow for view/collaboration capabilities on mobile devices, including the ability to register on the mobile. Full mobile support is part of the Pro capabilities arriving soon.

Support for Tablets iPads and similar format tablet devices are now supported for chrome and Firefox. The Inline-manual pop-ups do not yet function acceptably on this format so we have disabled those.

There are multiple other minor updates and enhancements across the product.

19 July 2016

Sticky NotesSometimes you just want to make a note on a diagram – not an activity box and not free text. So we created sticky notes – electronic Post-It notes – in 4 colors – yellow, green, blue and red. Access them from the left panel.

Activity boxes and line text improved We have tweaked the layout of an activity box so that you now get 3 lines of text as a default, without making the box any larger. We have also made the line text auto wrap.

Reporting improved Now when you have a report cell that has a large amount of text you can click on it and and the text is displayed as a pop-up.

10 July 2016

Teams structure Now every user has a Personal Team space and can be a member of multiple teams.

Browser support All major browsers are supported; Chrome, IE11, Edge, Firefox and Safari.

Copy & paste Objects can be coped and pasted with a diagram and across diagrams in different tabs.

25 May 2016

Invite all Team Members to map: Switch to allow access for all Team Members to a map, rather than giving individual access one by one

Improved Invite dialogue: When you invite a user to a map you can set access rights and add a personalized message.

6 May 2016

Map Export: You can export a map in JSON format.

29 April 2016

Undo/Redo: You can undo/redo drawing actions – lines and activity boxes, attachments etc.   Some actions cannot be undone, but there is a warning before you delete:   e.g. drill down, line connector & data table attachment.

20 April 2016

Login with Salesforce credentials: You will now see a “LOGIN WITH SALESFORCE” button.  With the Salesforce Player now launched (in beta) we have single sign-on so that Salesforce users can login to Elements using their Salesforce credentials.  But also you will be able to see Elements maps in a Salesforce Elements Tab and specific diagrams inside the Salesforce Object details page i.e. Contact, Opportunity.

Home page changes

  • “Diagrams  you follow” panel is now live
  • The Comments right panel is now context sensitive to the diagram you select in the “Recently viewed diagrams” panel, or the “Diagrams you follow” panel.

Drawing Editor improvements

  • Load time dramatically improved: We have reduced the time the Drawing Editor app loads. This is partly some code changes, but also now the right panel doesn’t load immediately, so it will take a few seconds to load the first time want to use it.
  • Import Drilldown: Rather than create a drill down that is blank, you can import and entire map and the lower level diagrams as the drill down. The map must be one that you have copy rights over.  If you want to move the drill down (i.e. all the lower level diagrams) from one activity box to another…Delete the drill down. The deleted diagrams are created a a map in the deleted folder. Then import the map underneath the new activity box. Neat!
  • Activity Box renumbering: You can now change the number of each activity box.
  • Comments: There is now a COMMENTS button on right side of the menu bar. This is far quicker an easier than using the toolbar icon to open the right panel and then select Comments.
  • Reporting: The REPORTING button has now moved to be an icon in the toolbar.
  • Lines attached to activity boxes: You can now attach a line to any part of an activity box, not just the anchor points. When you add a resource to an activity box the line attachment point does not move (yay!!)
  • Delete confirm: Before you delete a drilldown, flowline connector or data table attachment you now need to confirm you want to do it.


It is the next Element in the suite (hence the name Elements). It was originally planned for the end of May, but it has been delivered early as a beta.

Salesforce Player is a standard Salesforce managed package that can be downloaded and installed into a Salesforce Org.  It allows any Salesforce user to view Elements Process Maps and Elements Diagrams in the context of Salesforce objects. They can also to log into Elements using their Salesforce credentials to create and edit maps and diagrams.

It will need to be updated to support the changes to the User Model and after those changes are released it will be out of Beta.

6 April 2016


We heard you. New users arrive at the Home Page and go “Hmmm”. And we know there was too much pop up help – because 54% of you didn’t get to the end!!! It will continually improve. Here are the changes so far:

  • Drastically reduced pop-up help: Help is still there – just click on the ? top right
  • Left menu: simplified and only single level
  • Home Page has “CREATE NEW MAP” button
  • Home page has “Invited to panel”: Maps you have been invited to by team members or from outside
  • Map Page has each map name as a link: Now you can use a single click to launch
  • The Diagram Editor now has a “HOME” button. It is on the toolbar to open the Elements Home Page


We were probably being too clever. So we have made it more consistent with the Powerpoint/Visio drawing approach. You can discover the neat advanced features later. A couple of quick changes here, with more to come next release:

  • Left panel is open when you edit a diagram, so you can drag objects (but you don’t need to….)
  • Add new resource window now has “CREATE RESOURCE” button


This is a whole new area of functionality, enabling you to report on map content:

  • Run a report which happens in the background
  • Notification when the report is ready
  • Open the report from Notifications and you can filter and sort using column headers
    Export to Excel (XLSX)

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