Setting User levels and access rights


Setting User levels and rights

There are a number of different user levels within Elements. These are set in the SpaceManager app which is opened selecting a Space on Spaces Page and then by clicking on the [MANAGE SPACE] button on the top bar.

The user levels are:

  • Space Admin – Each Space has at least one Admin. Admins can add users and set permissions for other users – Admin, Resource Manager, Data Structure Manager. This is set in the Users page of Elements Central
  • Resource Manager – they can create, edit, merge and delete Resources which are Team-wide.  Resources can be added to the database by Editors when they attach new Resources to Activity Boxes
  • Data Structure Manager  – they can create, edit and delete Data Structures which are Team-wide
  • Map Owner – They can define who has access to a map and the levels of access
  • Map Manager – The same as Map Owner, but they are not listed on the Map Details page
  • Editor – They can edit, comment on and view diagrams and attachments for maps they own or have been given access to
  • Viewer – They can view diagrams and attachments, and make comments for maps they have been given access to

Setting access rights for a map to internal and external users

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