Send to child

Send to child

Often live or online mapping sessions generate too much detail on a single diagram. The diagram needs to be simplified a hierarchical structure into fewer, higher level activity boxes, with detail pushed down to lower levels under appropriate high-level summary activities.

So if you have already mapped too much detail at this level, you can select a number of activity boxes to be moved into a child diagram, replacing them with an activity box with a drilldown.

To Send to Child you select a number of objects. Then right mouse click and select “Send to Child”.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.55.24 PM


Notice that Elements will ‘send to child’ only those objects you have selected. So in this example, if you had wanted to send the outputs from boxes 6 and 7, you would have had to select those too.

It will create a new activity box (13 in this case), with ‘What?’ as the text. As usual you double click to edit this text.

If you then click on the drill-down on box 13, you would get to the detail. Note that the diagram title is “What?” by default so to modify that you need to click on ‘SWITCH TO EDIT’ and open the right panel using the right panel icon, where you can edit the diagram title.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 8.56.01 PM

Undo Send to child

You cannot just “Undo” a send to child since the send to child action creates a new activity, drills-down on that activity and creates and takes you to a new diagram. You can manually undo the action by

  • copying what you sent to child (Ctrl-A on diagram/Cmd-A on Mac)
  • going back up a level to the original parent diagram
  • pasting onto the diagram.
  • deleting the new activity with the drill-down that was created by doing the “Send to child” action in the first place.

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