Free Text Search: PRO feature


Free text search: PRO feature

This is free text search across diagrams in maps. On the home page, the search looks across all diagrams in all the maps in the current Space. In the diagram editor it looks at all the diagrams in the open map. Start typing and when it finds an exact match it will display the list. The search looks at:

  • activity boxes
  • resources
  • attachment link titles
    • Notes, (name i.e. title) but not the contents of a note
    • URL title, but not the URL itself
    • Datatable title, but not the data (use reports to search/highlight data)
  • line text
  • free text
  • sticky notes

Free Text Search


For more detailed analysis you can use the Reporting which is on the FREE plan

You can also Filter on all primary object lists in the Pro version. See this example on the Maps page, typing in ‘Exam..’ filters to list of all map names with exam somewhere in the title… Click on ‘Reset’ button to clear the filter.

Filter Map List

If you want to look at more granular information within Maps, use the Reporting capabilities – also available in the Free version of Elements.

How to upgrade to Pro

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