Printing maps and diagrams


Printing maps and diagrams

Maps are designed to be viewed online within the context of the other diagrams and attachments. You cannot print an entire map. You can print each diagram from the print icon on the diagram toolbar

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Clearly there’s a time and reason where printing is necessary, and we are committed to adding capability around printingover the coming months to enable printing across scopes of diagrams and improving the visible titles, level numbering etc, but….

Think before you print:  Bring people to the process – don’t send the process out to the people!  We have designed an app which makes it easy to share maps and collaborate.

Some people will choose (out of habit?), to print to pdf and email/post pdf’s as a way to share process content. While this is easy to do for the odd diagram, it misses the whole point of providing a free collaborative cloud-based solution for teams of people to capture, share and communicate around Process Knowledge.

It is similar to emailing a document around and then having to collate everybody’s feedback, rather than inviting people to review, comment and provide input to a central document in the cloud.

Both can work – but the benefits in any team situation for inviting people to register and share the same up to date, living picture of process knowledge should be self evident! When you have enriched the Process knowledge with linked supporting documentation and metadata….it should be a no-brainer.

‘Printing’ an image (or embedding in a third party document)

Clearly Elements is designed to share the content natively and collaborate around the process content itself, but we recognize that there are going to be times you have to put content into another app. The easiest is to use a screenshot or snipping tool. There are plenty around, but both Macs and Windows do it for you.

Option 1: You can use the zoom icons on the diagram toolbar to get the diagram to the size you want and then take a screenshot – or drag a sized screen-grab of the content you want. Paste the image into your documentation.

For mac (cmd-shift-4)

For Windows click for their support page (different for different versions of Windows)


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Option 2: You can print a diagram from the print icon on the diagram toolbar. Choose to print to PDF and then embed the PDF into your document.

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