Drawing Org Charts


Drawing Org Charts


Organization Charts / Organograms with Elements

By modifying the Flow Line forms you can use Elements as a very effective diagram tool for Org Charts. Why use this and not any one of the dozens of others available to you? Simple answer is ‘only if it is valuable for you to do so’. If you are using Elements as a living repository of your operational knowledge, then People form a big part of that. As the fundamental building block to capture Process Knowledge in Elements captures ‘Who’ is accountable/responsible for a given activity, it is very easy to combine the concepts as follows:

UPN Building Block > Organagram

You can then see who is associated with what role(s) and report/search on those across your operational knowledge as captured in Elements.


Tips to creating Org Charts rapidly and simply with Elements

Unless you really want numbers on all your boxes, setup a theme with the numbers hidden (see how on this link). You can also remove the arrows at the line ends by modifying the ‘Line Form’ End Point in the right panel. Note this only appears once you have selected a line.

line form Org Charts

If you are creating this in a Pro space, you can add images to the Org Chart itself or add images (and documentation) as attachments to the boxes.

Org Chart

You can of course build out the entire organisation chart on one diagram, but as with the hierarchy of processes, you can use the drill-down functionality to replicate a management or team structure.

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