Setting map sharing and access rights


Setting map sharing and access rights

Map owners and managers can invite anyone to have access to a map. They do not have to be members of the Team Space or even existing Elements users. The user will receive an email invitation and the map invite will take new users through the registration process if not already completed and provide access to the Map once the are a verified user.

Option to invite to Space and set Map to be visible to all members

Be aware that if you just want to give them access to view the map and you are happy for them to be a member of the Team Space, you can simply invite them to the space, and set the Map to “All members can view map”. This provides visibility to all members of the Space to see the Map.

Or manage specific user access to a Map

If you want to restrict View access to specific users, then you can invite individual users by typing their name or email. Even if someone is a member of the space and can therefore view a Map, you still have to invite them individually if you want to give them Manage or Edit rights, or make them the owner of the Map.

Once invited to a Map, they appear in the list and you can select the access level you want to give them (View by default):

  • View – they can view diagrams and attachments, and make comments
  • *Edit – as View plus they they can edit diagrams
  • *Manage – as Edit and then can invite and set access levels

*NOTE: You cannot give edit or manage rights to someone unless they are a member of the Space AND have been granted edit rights on the Space. Click here to see how to invite to Space

Copy Rights – You control Map visibility and/or ability to copy

For those who are outside your team, you decide if they are able to take a copy of the map from your team space into their team space. See Digital Rights Management for more on content protection.


Map access rights

If you haven’t done so already, to further understand options around inviting users, Click here to see how to invite to Space

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