Inviting to Team & Public Spaces, importing and managing Users


Inviting, importing and managing Users (& Inviting yourself to a Public Space)


There are two ways to bring new users into Elements.

  1. Invite user to a Team Space or Public Space. Select the space. then click on “Invite to space” button in the right panel. This invites them to register and brings them into Elements as a member of that Team/Public Space, with the Space set as default – at the Home page.  This option will ONLY be available if you are an Admin in the Space.
  2. Share Map content with someone who is not part of the Space (Personal, Team or Public): This will invite them to have view rights on the map – but NOT invite them into the Team Space that the Map is shared from. They will see the map in their Personal space.  This option will ONLY be available if you are the Map Owner or Manager.

Any individual can register themselves independently by simply going to and clicking on the “REGISTER/LOGIN” button (top-right of screen).

In addition, any user who registers independently, or is already a user within Elements can be invited to a Team Space or have Map content shared with them.

Importing large numbers of users in one go will be supported in the future but is not currently enabled. When the Salesforce Integration is applied, a Salesforce Org can be paired to a Space in Elements and it can be setup so that users on the Salesforce Org can access Elements using their Salesforce credentials. They will then be members of that Space by default.

Once upgraded to Pro, a Team Space can also be made “Public”. A Public Space allows any registered Elements User to join the space without needing to be invited. To do so, they can go to the ‘Public’ tab in Spaces, select the one you want to be a member of, and click on JOIN SPACE.


Elements is designed to allow you to bring people together around process content either within a Team or Public Space.  If you have not setup a Team Space, you can invite people to view and comment on Maps you create in your Personal Space. If you want others to collaboratively create content with you, you will need to do so in a Team Space, which is very easy to create. Whether people are already Elements users, whether they are inside or outside your organization, you can invite them into a Team or Public Space by selecting the space and clicking on “Invite to space” in the right panel.  You can also invite individuals to specific Map content. In both cases, Elements will automatically invite them to become Elements users if they have not already registered.

Join Public Space: The key difference with a Public Space is that any Elements User can join the space without needing to be invited. To do so, they can go to the ‘Public’ tab in Spaces, select the one you want to be a member of, and click on JOIN SPACE. They will then be in that Space on their ‘Active Spaces’ tab. Clicking on Maps will show them all the Maps available to them in that Space. The Public space you have joined will be removed from the list of Public Spaces available to you. If you join them all, it will be empty.

Public Spaces are therefore useful if you have content you want to share with a wide and un-bounded community. For example we have made ‘Example Maps’ and public Space. The APQC (American Productivity and Quality Council) maps from APQC and IBM are available for general reference and use as standard maps. We have started creating useful content for Nonprofits to share and contribute to in a Public space. If you have ideas, you can create your own or contact us at with your ideas. Note that to be public, the space must be Pro.

As a Salesforce user, you can setup Elements so that a given Space is linked to a Salesforce Org, allowing all the users of the Org to access Space as members in Elements. For now, bulk import is disabled but talk to us if you have large numbers of users you would like to bring into Elements


To re-iterate, the key difference with a Public Space is that any Elements User can join the space without needing to be invited. To do so, they can go to the ‘Public’ tab in Spaces, select the one you want to be a member of, and click on JOIN SPACE.

1. Inviting users to a Team/Public Space

First select the Space you want to invite the User to (on Spaces page from ‘Spaces’ on left menu bar). Then click on the ‘Invite to space’ button in the right panel.  This option will ONLY be available if you are a Team Administrator. If you are not, you will not see the button. You can also click on “Current space” on the blue bar at the top of the page – which goes to the same page.

Manage Spaces

You can also invite in the Users page of the ‘Space Management page’. You get to there by clicking on  ‘Manage Space’ on the right panel.You will then need to click on “Users” to get to the

Then click on “INVITE USER TO SPACE” button (top right). This will bring up the following dialogue. Enter the email of the person you want to invite, and the appropriate rights. Also note that you can include a personal message to give the invite context. Then click on invite and Elements will take care of the rest. The user will be guided through the registration process and brought into Elements with this Space as the default.

Invite user to space

But, just because you have invited the user to a Team Space, it does not mean they have access to maps.  They will be able to see maps that have “All Team members can view map” set. You can invite them to manage. edit or view a map using the SHARE option on a map. – see section 2 below.

2. Inviting users to a Map

A Map Manager can invite others (inside or outside your space) and give them manage, edit or view access to a map.  This option will ONLY be available if you are the Map Owner or Manager. In the image below, select the map, click on Invite to Map and follow the dialogue.

If the person is not member of the Space, then they can ONLY have view rights. NOTE: If they are a member of the Space, the admin will have to grant edit rights to the individual in the context of that Space. Only then will the “Can edit/Manage” options appear on the Share panel.

Manage Maps

Managing users

User rights are managed in the context of each Team Space. Select the Space you want to manage the Users of on the ‘Spaces’ page and click on ‘Manage space’ button on the right panel. . Then select ‘Users’ on the Left Menu. The Admin can manage the rights of the other users by selecting the user and applying the rights in the right panel. Any user can have the following rights:

  • Can create map: Someone can have edit rights to map, but they need the ‘Can create map’ to be able to create new maps in the Space
  • Space Admin: can set the Space Admin, Resource Manager and Data Table Manager rights (there can be more than one Admin for the Space)
  • Resource Manager: can edit, merge and delete Resources in the Resource Library.  Any user can add Resources to the Resources Library by adding them to an activity box on one of their diagrams
  • Data Table Manager: can create and edit all Data Table templates, and run reports on Data Tables. Any user can populate Data Table when they are linked to Activity Boxes

Manage Users rights


Users can manage their own profiles, by clicking on their picture roundall (top right), but cannot change their email address as it is their user name.  If you need a change of email address contact the Customer Success Team




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