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How to Manage and collaborate in Spaces – 9 min video overview

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In Brief: Quick guide to using Spaces from on Vimeo.



spaces-squareTypes of Space

You have a ‘Personal Space‘ which is like a sandbox. You can create a ‘Team Space‘ for collaborating with others. If you are a consultant you will want to create multiple Spaces to separate client work. You can invite different groups of users to access each Space. Within the Space you can control specific access to Process Maps or allow everyone in the Space to view a given Map.

Each Space also has its own library of Requirements, Resources, Data Tables, URL libraries and Reference Models.

We recommend you only have one main operational Space

Unless you are a consultant working with different clients, or a company with very separate divisions or operating units, having more than one Space is counterproductive. You can manage access to content and visibility of library information by user groups within a Space.

You may want to publish map content so that literally anyone can see it.  In a ‘Public Space‘, anyone who registers with can join the Space and view anything you have made available.

Personal Space: 

Think of your Personal Space as your Sandbox. You can play, develop ideas and skills. You can create new maps, securely and privately. You can play and so you are ready for live mapping workshops. You can copy maps to Team Spaces and Public Spaces. You can invite people to see content in your Personal Space, but you cannot invite users to it.

Team Space (free and Pro):

The powerful sharing model in means you can create Team Spaces and invite any user (inside or outside your organization), into that Space to collaborate on the maps that you have given them access to.  Any map you create is private UNTIL you give users access. You are in control. Each Team Space has an Admin role. You can provide Space Admin rights to any number of users who are then able to Manage that Space.

When you upgrade a Space to Pro, the Editors get access to additional cool functionality designed for the more process mature /complex organizations.  Some Pro features are images on diagrams, smart activity renumbering, free text search and reference models.

Public Space: (Pro)

A Public Space is where organizations can put process maps to share publicly via a unique URL. Anyone can register using the URL. Some examples:

  • Example Maps: this was created for the Salesforce Admins.  The first pre-built maps were created by the Elements team and some Admin MVPs.
  • APQC standard industry maps. You have access, copy and modification rights to all 16 industry standard ‘Process Classification Frameworks’ developed and maintained by IBM and APQC over the last 20+ years.

Information on creating your own Public Space

Managing Spaces and upgrading to Pro

Spaces are managed using the Space Management app which is accessed from the [MANAGE SPACE] button the Spaces page of the main app.  The Space Management app covers:

  • inviting users and setting their access rights
  • managing credit card for payments
  • viewing billing and invoices
  • upgrading a Space to Pro and downgrading to Free
  • integration settings; currently only Integration with Salesforce



Spaces can be simple. But they can also deliver lots of power and flexibility  – hence the reason this is a long article 🙂

Your Personal Space

The concept of Spaces in Elements is extremely powerful. But it grows with you. When you start you have a Personal Space which is secure where you can create and edit maps.


Creating  maps in your Personal Space.

It is your own personal ‘sandbox’ space. In here you can do what you like. Play around, learn how to map and build out ideas without polluting your organization’s shared Team Spaces.

You cannot create Requirements in a Personal Space and you cannot upgrade a Personal Space to Pro.

You cannot invite anyone to your Personal Space but you can securely invite people to share the Map. So you might start out playing with some ideas, then share the Map with a few people. If they are already an Elements user they will get an email notification and a message on their Elements home page. If they are new to Elements they will get an email invite them to register.

Later this starts to become more concrete, and you can decide to create an existing Team Space to formalize the collaboration and communication with a wider audience. You can copy Maps from your Personal Space into the new Team Space.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-21-27-57Creating Team Spaces

Any user can create any number of Team Spaces. To create a Team Space, select the Spaces page on the left menu, and the CREATE NEW SPACE button on the top right bar.screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-21-28-10

You change the Team Space you are currently working in on the Spaces page.  Simply click on the Space in the list to switch to it. Remember – the maps, resources, data tables, reference models and users all belong to a Space.  So when you switch to another Space, you are looking at a different set of data.

Inviting others to join a Team Space

Once you have created the Team Space you can start inviting other users into the space. This is from the Users page in the Space Management app which you get to from the MANAGE SPACE button the top bar. Users will NOT see any maps until you change the access rights on the maps for the Team Space.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-21-30-15You can invite users from inside or outside your email @domain to join the Team Space. This means you can bring your colleagues from other companies into your Space, regardless of their email domains. They could be partners, contractors or consultants who you are working with on projects or ongoing operations.

If they are already an Elements user they will get an email notification and a message on their Elements home page. If they are new to Elements they will get an email invite them to register.

When you add a user, you need to give them access rights:

  • Can create maps
  • Space Admin; then can manage the Space
  • Resource Manager; they can manage (add, edit, delete) the resources
  • Data table Manager; they can manage (add, edit, delete) the data tables
  • Viewer/Editor

If the Team Space is Pro, and you make them an Editor, then there the Space wil incur a cost.

Giving access rights to maps for Team Space members

On the maps page, when you select a Map, the right panel shows DETAILS, SHARE and COMMENTS. Click on SHARE, and you can set a map to “All users can view map” and you can also allow “all users with access to copy map” into their Personal Space or their Team Space. Clearly you will not see these options in your Personal Space.

You can also allow a Team Space member to edit or manage a map by clicking on the INVITE button. Only Users who are have been set to Editor in the Space can be set to Editor for a map.  You make a User an Editor for the Space in the Space Management app. Click on MANAGE SPACE button in the Spaces page of the main app.

If you toggle the “View” and “Copy” to off, the individual rights set via the INVITE button will still apply.

all users can see map
Copying maps into a Team Space

You can copy maps from Space to Space provided you are a Space Admin for that Space. (select map and click on ‘Copy map’ button as per image above). Only the person who copied the map will have access to the newly copied map until they change the access rights.


Inviting Users who are not members of a Team Space to Maps 

You may not want to allow a user to join the Team Space, but only want them to view a single map.  You can simply share the map with them, rather than invite them to join the Team. This is from the SHARE tab for the map on the Maps page.  If you want someone to be able to edit a map they must be part of the Team Space.screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-21-30-56

Upgrading a Space to Pro

This is covered in detail in a separate Help topic.  But it is pretty intuitive: Select the Space in the Spaces Page in the main app. Go to the Space Management app by clicking the blue [Manage space] button in the right panel. You can also click on the white underlined ‘Current space’ in the top blue bar.

Manage Spaces


In the Space Management app, you decide which users are Editors and set them up on the Users page. Editors are counted across the space and billing is applied per editor. To upgrade to Pro, Select Billing from the left menu. Once you have entered your credit card details and they have been validated, you can upgrade the Space using the [UPGRADE TO PRO] button on the top bar of the Billing page.


Upgrade to Pro


Downgrading / canceling a Pro Space

When you switch a Space from Pro back to Free (same button as ‘UPGRADE TO PRO’ becomes ‘DOWNGRADE TO FREE’ once you are Pro), then an invoice is created immediately and is calculated from the end of the month to the day that the Space was downgraded.  If the Space is subsequently upgraded again, then a new invoice will be generated at the end of the month. Any gap of 30 days or less is considered (and billed) as continuous use as per our standard terms and conditions.

Public Spaces, branding and unique URL

A Public Space is for sharing and collaborating on maps with everyone who has registered in Elements. Anyone can join a Public Space and view and copy the maps- based on the map rights.  Only a Pro Space can be made Public. A Public Space has a unique URL that allows new users register in Elements and automatically join the Public Space.

Some examples:

  • #Example Maps: this was created to provide examples and templates.  The first pre-built maps were created by the Elements team and some Salesforce Admin MVPs.
  • APQC Public Space. Our partnership with means you have access, copy and modification rights to all 16 industry standard ‘Process Classification Frameworks’ developed and maintained by IBM and APQC over the last 20+ years.

A Public Space is Pro, so every Editor will be charged. See the pricing page

You change a Space to Public by the setting in the right column on the Spaces page. Once you make a Space Public, it will be visible to every user on their PUBLIC SPACES tab of the Spaces page. It will have a unique URL which can be used to promote the Space.  Any user who clicks on the URL and is not currently an Elements user can register and will be automatically joined to the Space.


You set the access rights – View  and Copy – just like you would with any other map – in the right column of the map in the Maps page.  These settings apply to every user who joins the Space.


all users can see map

For more detailed information on setting map access rights.




Do I have a ‘Home page’ for each Space?

No, you have a single Home Page, and the ‘Recently viewed Diagrams’ and ‘Diagrams I follow’ which can be from any Personal, Team or Public Space.

Can I share maps in my Personal Space?

Yes, by inviting individuals with their email address from the SHARE tab for the map on the maps page.

If I copy a Map from a Personal or Team Space which Space does it go into?

When you copy the map, you are asked to select from the list of Spaces that you belong to.

Is there a limit to the number of Team Spaces I can create?


Is there any downside to creating lots of Team Spaces?

Potentially. Each Space has its own library of Resources, Data Tables, Reference Models etc…If you create loads of ad-hoc Team Spaces, you are then managing lots of moving parts. Which is why you should limit Team Space creation to situations where no existing Team Space has the right libraries, appropriate membership or doesn’t represent the eventual audience of the content. Don’t forget you can always share a Map within a Team Space with a limited number of people, both inside and outside that Team Space. That’s why we recommend that you only have one Team Space per company, significant division or business unit.

What would be an example of a requirement for a Team Space?

There are 2 obvious ones:
– Separating clients: If you are a consulting or services organization who uses Elements with multiple clients, then a new Team Space by client
– Confidentiality: Similarly, let’s say this is about a re-organization or a brand new service launch. Even the blank data tables in the library or the Resources appearing in the Resource Library might cause issues. In that case, a new Team Space ring-fences the libraries and the Maps to only those who are involved.

Can I choose any Team Space name?

Yes, provided a Team Space of the same name is not already in use within your @domain. To change, you need to be an Admin on the Space. Click on “Spaces”, select the Space you want to rename and change the name in the Details panel on the right.

Can I change the name of a Team Space

Yes, provided a Team Space of the same name is not already in use within your @domain. To change, you need to be an Admin on the Space. Click on “Spaces”, select the Space you want to rename and change the name in the Details panel on the right.

Can I delete a Space

Yes, you can delete a Team Space by selecting the Space and clicking on the bin icon on the top bar to the left of the CREATE NEW SPACE button. You can only delete a Space where you are an Admin. You cannot delete your Personal Space.

Can every user in a Team Space create maps?

No. You need to have the right to create Maps in that specific Team Space. You can get that in one of two ways. When a user is invited to a Team Space, the Admin can grant the user the right to create Maps. Otherwise, an Admin would have to select the User in the User list on that Team Space, and grant ‘Can Create Maps’ rights in the right panel.  If you cannot contact an Admin for this Space, any user can create a Map in their Personal Space (and copy them to the Team Space later). But just because I have create rights in one Team Space, it doesn’t mean I can create a map in a different Team Space.

Is there a limit to the number of users in a Team Space?


Can every user in a Team Space edit existing maps?

Yes – Whether or not they have ‘Can Create Maps’ rights, a Map Manager can give any specific user (inside OR outside a Team Space), edit or manage rights to a given Map. On the Maps page (from Left Menu), select the Map, click on SHARE on the right panel and invite the specific User. Once in, a Map manager can change their rights (for that Map), to edit or manage. If the Space is Pro, then you can only change the user to Edit if they are set as an Editor for the Space. This is set in the Space Management app. This is because an Editor in a Pro Space has a monthly cost.

Can every user in a Space see all the maps in that Space?

No. The map owner sets the access rights from the SHARE tab for the map on the maps page.

Can every user in a Team Space or Public Space see all the other Users in the Space?

Team Space – yes. Public Space – No. Only the Admins for the Public Space can see all the users.

Who controls a Team Space or Public Space?

The person who creates the Team Space is the Space Admin. They can set other users to also be an Admin. This is set on the Users page in the Space Management app. It is quite usual for a consulting or 3rd party organization to introduce a client to Elements as part of the work they are doing. In this case, the 3rd party organization has often setup a initial Team Space. Over time, the client may well want to take over. in this case, they would have to nominate an Admin with an email in the client’s domain. That Admin can then go in and change the primary domain of the Team Space to that of the client. At this point, the client controls the Team Space and whether the 3rd party retains access to the Space and what rights they have.

Can the Team Space Admin come from any organization?


Is it easy to see which organization actually owns the Space?

Yes. On the Spaces page the ‘Primary domain’ is listed on the right panel. On the Users page in the Space Management app you can see the other users and their roles.

Can I change the Primary Domain for a Team Space?

Yes. On the Spaces page, select a Space and the domain can be changed in the right column. Note, the domain can only be changed by an Admin who shares the same domain as the new Primary Domain name.

Can I block users from a Team Space or Public Space?

The Admin controls which users are invited, blocked and removed from a Team Space. In a Public Space, since Users are self-inviting, the Admin can only block Users.

Is there a limit on the number of maps in a Team or Public Space?


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