Off-page connectors – Flow line connectors


Off page connectors / Flow line connector


You can create links from any flowline that is connected to a box at one end – and not at the other. You connect flow lines by adding a “connector” to the line, and then copying a link from one connector to another on another diagram. Some call these ‘off-page connectors ‘between lines on different diagrams. People also talk about these as a flow line connector or line connector. The diagrams do NOT have to be at the same level.  It can be a link between any line coming out of an activity box to any line going into an activity box on any other diagram in the map, or any other map in the same Space. The lines MUST be connected to activity boxes.


Add connectors to lines

Both lines need to have a “connector” on the end.  To add a connector, select a line and right mouse click and select “Add connector” from the drop drop down. The line must be attached to an activity box. To create a line going into an activity box, hold Ctrl down (cmd on mac) when you click and drag from an activity box handle or ‘+’.

Create a link

Right-mouse click on the connector object and select “Copy connector link” from dropdown. You must be in EDIT mode on diagram.


Navigate to the diagram with the target line and Right mouse click on the connector you want to link to and select ‘Paste connector link’. You must be in EDIT mode on diagram.

You can create more than one link on a line connector.


To access the line link

Left click on the connector object at the end of the line to see the list of link(s) and select link, and you will be taken to the diagram which is connected to the link.

Off-page 5

To Delete a line link

In EDIT mode,  click on the connector object to see the list of link(s) and click on the ‘delete link’ icon at the far right of the link title



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