Inviting users to share and access maps and diagrams


Inviting users to share and access maps and diagrams


Sharing Maps and Diagrams

Your map is private until you grant access to other users. Users can be inside or outside your organization. There are two ways to  invite users to see and collaborate on content:

  1. Invite user to view a Map: This is from ‘Invite to Map’ button Share Tab of the Maps Page. This will NOT invite them into the Space that the Map is located in. If they are not a member of the Space, they will ONLY be able to view the map, not edit.  If you want them to edit then they need to (i) be a member of the Space,  (ii) be granted edit rights on the Space AND (iii) be given edit rights on the specific Map – so use the approach (2) below.*
  2. Invite user into Space to view/edit a Map: Ensure the people you want to share the Map with are members of the Space. To invite a user to a Space, access the Spaces Management from Spaces page by clicking MANAGE SPACE. Then under Users on left panel lick INVITE USER.  This option will ONLY be available if you are an Admin in the Space. When then are are member of the Space you can select your Map on the Maps page and toggle on “All members can see Map” or click on INVITE to invite individual users to View, Edit, or Manage. This option will ONLY be available if you are an Owner of Manager of the Map.
*Some people have asked: “Why isn’t it easier to give someone edit rights to all Maps in our Space?”. This is about having a level of control over the change of content in your Space. If everyone can edit everything, you have no real control, and it’s hard to trust what you’re looking at. In the Free version of Elements, you can drive Governance through being sensible about who has edit rights to which maps. In the Pro version, you can use Release and Version Management to drive good Governance.
As a Salesforce user, you can setup Elements so that a Space is linked to a Salesforce Org, allowing all the users of the Org to access Space as members in Elements. You can simply choose “All members can see Map” so that all your Salesforce users will be able to see it.


Map access

Your map is private until you grant access to other users. Users can be inside or outside your Space or organization. To invite users, select “Maps” in the left menu bar on the Elements home page, and select a map. (Select the bar, NOT the active Map name – which opens the map). You can then select “SHARE” in the right panel as below.

Manage Maps


IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to provide edit rights to an individual for a Map, you must first invite that person to the Space, and provide them with edit rights FOR THE SPACE. Once they have those rights, you can click on the share tab (as below) and provide them with edit rights.

Sharing map with all users in the Team/Public Space

You can make the map available to all users inside your Team Space or Public Space with a single toggle – “All Team Members can view map”. If you are working in your Personal Team space, you do not have the option to share with all members of your team. You can either copy the Map you want to share into a Team Space, or share the map with individuals.

all users can see map


Sharing map with individual(s)

You can invite users on an individual basis, or users outside your Team to a map by typing their name (if they are already Elements users in your Team) or by typing their email address. Click on the INVITE button.

Type their name (inside your Team) or email (outside Team), set copy rights (default off) and any message that will be inserted into the invitation email. Note: If the user has not explicitly been given edit/admin rights to the Space, the “View only” drop-down is greyed out and is the default and only option.

Invite User to Map

NOTE: If you first invite someone to a Map without inviting them to a Space, clearly they can only have View-Only rights. If you then invite them to the Space and give them “edit rights”, you still need to come back to the Map, Share options in the right panel and select “Can edit” or “Manage” as appropriate.

Changing user access level

Once you have invited them, they appear in the right hand column list and you can select the access level you want to give them (View by default):

  • View – they can view diagrams and attachments, and make comments

If the user has been provided with edit right within the Space (by a Space Admin user), then the following options will also appear (as per the image above)

  • Edit – as View plus they they can edit diagrams
  • Manage – as Edit and can invite and set access levels to other users

Inviting users who are not in your Team to view map content

If you share a Map with a user outside the Team, they will be invited by email. And a link will appear in their home page (as below).

For users inside or outside your Team, they are given a link to the new map and the level 1 diagram is inserted into “Diagrams I follow” on the home page.

When they click on the VIEW button, the map is opened and this invite notification bar is cleared from the home page. The Map will then appear


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