Inviting users to Elements


Inviting users to Elements

NOTE: You need to be an Admin to invite users to a Space. Admins can assign edit rights to users in the context of a given Space. To see who the Admins are in a Space you are a member of, click on ‘Users’ on the left panel on the Elements Home tab.

If you already have Map Manage rights or want to share a Map you have created, you can also use the ‘Share’ tab on individual Maps – from the Maps page to add users. Note: You can also toggle on  ‘All members can view map’ from the share tab

Sharing Maps – Adding users by inviting them to maps

Map owners and managers can invite users to have access to a map. They can invite users who are already Elements users in the team by typing their name or email.  If they not already Elements users or not in the team, then use their email address.

If a user has not yet registered, they will be invited to do so (with whatever custom message you have added to the email in the window below).

If user already exists, they will be listed with the rights you can assign, otherwise they are invited to the map but not the team, and by default read-only

Note that by default, the ‘Can copy map’ option is off.

If you want the individual to be invited into a specific Space, then you need to ask an admin to invite them to that Space and assign the appropriate access rights. Once they have the rights in the context of the Space, as a Map Owner or Manager, you can go into the ‘Share’ tab on the Maps page and set the rights you want. By default they will be View Only.

Manage Maps


  • View Only – they can view diagrams and attachments, and make comments
  • Edit – as View plus they they can edit diagrams
  • Manage – as Edit and then can invite and set access levels

Note: If the user is part of your Space and you want them to have View Only access, you only to share the Map with them specifically if you do not want to share the Map with the whole Team.

Note , you decide if they are able to take a copy of the map from your team space into their Personal Space or a Team Space they are member of.

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