Copy and paste


Copy / Paste

Copy paste objects

You can copy / paste objects within diagrams or between objects on diagrams in different tabs, even of the maps are in different teams. The objects that you can copy are:

  • activity boxes
    • resources will be copied as part of activity boxes for maps within a team
    • notes and URLs will be copied
    • data tables will not be copied
    • drilldowns will not be copied: see below for work around
  • lines and line text
  • free text

To copy one or more objects, highlight them and use Ctrl C (Control C on Mac). To paste them you hit Ctrl V (Control V on Mac) or use the copy and paste on the right click mouse menu.  The newly copied objects will be centered on the canvas.

Note: Elements draws objects in order of their type, so Lines are behind Activity Boxes are behind Free Text. So if you use Ctrl-V to paste say a small line, and there is a big Activity box in the center of the screen, the line will be pasted behind the activity.

Copy paste Drill Downs – a work around

You cannot copy paste drill downs, but you can “Import a drill down” rather than create an new empty drill down.  So create the drill down you want to copy as a Map.  If it is an existing drill down, then you can delete it, and the deleted drill down will be a map in the Maps  Deleted Folder.  You simply re-import it from where you deleted it from, and then it is available to import for other activities. You can even restore the map from the Deleted Folder into the Active Folder and rename it to make it easier to find.

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