Copying maps to other Spaces


Copying maps to other Spaces


The principle is that the Map owner or manager can determine whether a Map is available to be copied. The copy rights can be given at an individual level in the SHARE panel (below), or given to any Member with Access to the map.

Maps can be made available in this way within any given Team Space or Public Space. Just because a Map is in a Public Space, does not mean that it is freely available. It is up to the Map Owner or Manager to open it up. You can have a Map in a Public space which starts out as a private Map with only a few of the people in the Public team viewing and collaborating on developing the content.* When the time is right, the Map is then opened up to all members. Equally, if and when desired  the ‘Any team member with access can copy’ can be toggled on – or can be left off with only limited people able to copy. It’s entirely in your control.

*You might want to do this rather than developing content in another Space and copying into the Public Space to share. This would be when you want to use and build up the Resource and Data Table libraries that are in the Public Space. Otherwise you may be duplicating effort and time managing another space when the libraries and people you want to collaborate with are already in the Public Space. Bear in mind you cannot move a map – only copy it. So to ‘move maps’ between spaces you have to copy a map to a space and delete it in the original space. If you have questions about developing content in any of the Public Spaces managed by – please email us.



How to copy a map to a Space

You can copy a map to another Space. Select a map, and then click on the ‘Copy map’ button in the tight panel.

Manage Maps


Then type in the name of the new map and select the Space you want to copy the map into.  You will only see the list of Spaces in the dropdown where you are a member.

Copy map


While the copying takes place, you can continue working on the original map and do not have to ensure that everyone is logged out of the Map. It will take a snapshot copy of everything that is currently stored against the Map on a Diagram by Diagram basis. The copied map will be shown as “copying” under the access column with a red dot and you can modify access/sharing properties while the copying is progressing. When completed – a notification appears on the screen and a record is shown on the “notifications” bell icon – top right of screen.

Joining a Team or Public Space – to copy Maps from or into the Public Space

If you want to join a Team Space you need to get one of the Admins for that Team Space to invite you. For a Team Space, you would need to get someone who is already in the Team to select the Team and tell you who is listed as an admin. When you select a Public Space you can see the list of Admins in the right panel with email details.

To join a Public Space, you select the Public Space tab at the top of the page to go to the complete list of Public Spaces where you are free to join whichever spaces you like. The intent of a Public Space is to allow you to view, collaborate on and (where permissions have been granted), copy Maps to your Personal Space or a Team Space where you are member with “Map Creation” rights. To copy a Map into a Public Space, you would need to find someone with Map Create rights on the public space, which all Admins on the Public Space have by default – you can see the list of Admins in the right panel with email details.


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