We are consultants working with clients


We are consultants working with clients

Elements has been designed to make is easy for consultants to work with clients, but also increase revenue. Here are 3 ways Elements can drive up your revenue.

Win more profitable work

Showcase your industry knowledge and implementation methodology as maps to differentiate yourself and then deliver more effectively.

New service offerings

Create annuity revenue by providing a Center of Excellence, governance of process knowledge, and on-going support for your client’s transformation agenda.

Share in Elements revenue

Join the Partner Program, get referral commissions from Elements upgrades and get on the Partner Directory to raise your profile.


For an understanding of the principles around Spaces, FIRST see here:

Once you understand the principles, you decide the Team you want to work within. A Team contains Map content, together with the associated Users, Resources and Data Table definitions. So you have some key principles to work with:

  1. You can create and manage any number of Spaces
  2. You can belong to any number of Spaces – owned by you, your client, or owned by your client but managed by you. The architecture lends itself very strongly to a managed service relationship if appropriate and facilitates ongoing engagement both remote or on premise.
  3. A Space contains Map content, which is related to the Space’s Resources and Data Table libraries.
  4. A Space is made up of members who are known Elements Users, who can be invited from any organization to have appropriately managed access to content published to the Team.

The following shows the key flow which the Spaces and Map sharing properties of Elements allow.

Working as a consultant - Map


There are nuances and options around this flow which would enable consultants and individuals to support customers in pretty much any permutation of IP/content ownership versus hands-on management and administration.

Combine this architecture and the Team/ownership capabilities with copying Maps, Sharing Maps and collaboration, and you have a simple yet comprehensive platform for collaboratively creating, deploying managing and scaling Process Knowledge across any permutation of organizations requiring shared visibility of ways of working and objectives.

PLEASE CONTACT US – to discuss your requirements and what you are looking to achieve with Elements. We have many decades of collective experience of applying this approach to project and operational requirements. It is in our interest to help where we can, and to put you in touch with our growing ecosystem of Partners and experts where you can benefit from deeper experience and/or resources to leverage your skills and capabilities in client facing engagements.


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