Sharing, collaboration in spaces, invite users to Maps and comments


Sharing and collaboration – Maps and Spaces


Sharing Content – Inviting users to collaborate on Specific maps or maps within a Space

This 8 minute video will give you an overview of how Spaces work for managing maps and collaboration around content with different managed Teams of users in different Spaces.

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Sharing content with all Members of a Team or Public Space

If you want to collaborate with a specific Team on content, the best and simplest way is to invite your team Members to a Team Space. Note: If they are all Salesforce Users, you can automatically provision them to a Space by pairing the salesforce Org and letting our Salesforce Managed package create and manage the users in the Space through Single Sign-on (SSO). In this case, you can also have other users in the Space who are not Salesforce users in the associated Org.

Once you have the team members you want, or if you are inviting someone outside the Space, click on ‘Maps’ in the left panel, select a Map and click on ‘Invite to map’ button in the right Panel. Map Owners and Managers can invite users to have either specific access (Scroll down for details of this), or the Map can be toggled so that “All users can view map”.


Manage Maps - All Users On

Once you have invited an individual, if they have the appropriate Edit rights in this Space, you can change the access level you want to give them:

  • View – they can view diagrams and attachments and make comments
  • Edit – as View plus they they can edit diagrams (if they are Team members)
  • Manage – as Edit and then can invite and set access levels for all users (if they are Team members)

If the user is a member of your Space, then they will be given immediate access. If the user is outside your team and not an existing Elements user, they will be invited to register for Elements, before they can access the Map. If they are outside the Space they can also only be given View access. If you want to see how to Invite them to the Space – click here

Providing ‘View’ access allows people to collaborate by adding comments (see below) to specific Diagrams and against Resources or Data Structure definitions from the right menu in Elements Home.

Providing Edit or Manage rights allows other users to collaborate by creating and/or editing content in maps. In live sessions you can even pass edit rights back and forth depending on who wants to drive the mapping. You can do this with any number of editing users in any number of locations. Only one person at a time has the edit lock. You pass it over by clicking on ‘SWITCH TO VIEW’ button top right of the Diagram editor tab. All users with edit rights will then have the option to ‘SWITCH TO EDIT’ on their screens. All other participants will see the mapping unfold on their screens as each object is edited. Anyone can comment and reply to threads in the right hand panel while the mapping continues.

Sharing Content – Inviting users to maps

Map owners and managers can invite users to have access to an individual Map. If those users have also been invited into the Team Space which this map sits in, and they have been given Edit rights on the Space, then Owners or Managers can give those users edit rights on the Map. To do this, On the Maps page (from left menu on Home page), you can select the Map you want, which brings up the right panel. Then click on SHARE and either toggle on “All Team Members can view map” or invite individually.

With or without ‘All Team Members can view map’ enabled, you can set specific create/manage/copy rights by inviting users who are already in your team by typing their name or email.

If they are not a member of the Team Space then you can ONLY give them view rights to the map, not edit or manage. If they are not already Elements users or not in your team, then use their email address and Elements will register them and bring them into their home page with your Team Space highlighted.

Comments (Note: there are significant changes and improvements to comments coming in May 2017)

Today, You can add comments to diagrams, resources and data structures. Coming soon, you will be able to filter across a map or scope of objects by Open/Resolved.

For a diagram, two ways to get to add or reply to Comments:

  1. Select the Comments ‘speech bubble’ at top-right of diagram

Comments window


2. Open up the right panel and select COMMENTS.  

Once the panel is open, you can post a comment and can have multiple replies to a comment.

If you follow a diagram, the comment stream is displayed on the right panel of your home page. (on Elements Central tab)


Following Diagrams – Provides Comments stream on Home page

When you Follow a diagram (click on FOLLOW – top right of diagram), the diagram title is shown in ‘Diagrams you follow’ section on Home page. Any comments against ALL diagrams that you follow are then also shown on the right hand panel on the Home page – in ‘latest 

Home Page


If you then select a ‘Recently viewed diagrams’ or ‘Diagrams you follow’, only the comments for that diagram are shown. (select the non-blue text or you will open the diagram). click on the diagram again to deselect and restore the whole comments stream.



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