Core Operational Applications (Salesforce, SAP..)


Integrating with Core Operational Applications (Salesforce, SAP..)

A process context in the cloud

End users can get lost in the detail when navigating around a complex enterprise – or where a process spans multiple systems.

Therefore the goal is to provide the particular section of the entire end to end process – and put it where the end user is struggling; inside the application. That is what we are providing with the Salesforce Manager, which is an add-on application. A diagram has a unique URL and this is can be displayed alongside the application step.

If a user is following the process in Elements and wants to “raise a staffing request”, then application transaction i.e raise staffing request should be be linked to one or more activity boxes as a URL link.  Any training materials or videos can also be linked as URL.

On premise operational systems are slightly more challenging as they often don’t have a unique URL to launch a simple screen. Therefore each application needs to be taken on a case by case basis.


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